No matter what language Anna Lisa sings in, she communicates an enveloping sensuality. Armed with a smoky alto voice, cherry red electric bass, and bombshell looks, Anna Lisa is hopelessly magnetic. Her original songs showcase an ease of stylistic expression, from R&B to Latin rhythm, pop to blues.

With a family that spans the globe from Latin America to China and back to the U.S., she has traveled and lived in a small handful of the world's cultures. Anna Lisa first began to compose songs on an acoustic bass while studying and living abroad in Chile and Nicaragua. The total immersion in Latin music and culture fed into the rhythms of her compositions ans inspired romantic lyrics in Spanish. Upon her return to the U.S., her songwriting was more influenced by artists such as Sade, Les Nubians, Etta James, Marvin Gaye, and D'angelo. Of any of the above-mentioned artists, listeners immediately hear an influence from Sade in Anna Lisa's soft and sultry vocals.

Anna Lisa's professional music career began in China at age twenty-five, just as she finished her Mandarin studies in Beijing. She headlined at many of Shanghai's most popular venues including The Cotton Club, and charmed the crowds with her fluent Mandarin and commanding stage presence. In October 2010, Anna Lisa was invited to play with her trio at the JZ Shanghai Music Festival. Shortly thereafter, she recorded her first album, "Something I've Been Missing."

In 2013, Anna Lisa began touring with Eddie Turner's Trouble, dazzling the stages of House of Blues Chicago, Blues on Whyte, D.C. Blues Festival, and Briggs Farm Blues Festival, to name a few. In 2016, the band released a live album from their Canada tour, "Naked In Your Face," featuring two of Anna Lisa's original tunes.

Now, the well-traveled bassist & songstress resides in Denver, Colorado, and continues to collaborate and perform with various local and international artists.